Aobadai Station(Denentoshi) and Tokaichiba Station) Yokohama linesのマンツーマン英会話【S1エスワン】

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英会話 無料体験レッスン

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田園都市線 青葉台<BR><BR>Denentoshi Line: Aobadai Station<BR>and<BR>Tokaichiba Station (Yokohama Line) 講師番号 1747
お名前 Lorraine Koch (Mrs Yao)  先生
更新日時 2017/7/22
年齢 66歳
居住地 神奈川県横浜市青葉区
出身地 U.S.A. アメリカ
Lincoln Park, N.J.(USA)and Nantucket, Mass.
母国語 English
Collecting Antiques, Cooking, Enjoying Karaoke, Wine Appreciation
日本滞在歴 1974-1978, and 1982-present
日本語レベル Intermediate 中級
Toyo Eiwa University(:English Instructor: Yokohama Campus)
Conversation, Business, Discussion, and Newspaper-Reading(Discussion) classes/ Diary Corrections & Pronunciation classes
最寄駅 Aobadai Station(Denentoshi) and Tokaichiba Station) Yokohama lines
田園都市線 青葉台

Denentoshi Line: Aobadai Station
Tokaichiba Station (Yokohama Line)
Adult males(成人男性)、Adult females(成人女性)、Children(子供)
Conversational(会話)、Situational(状況・場面)、Business English(ビジネス英語)、TOEIC、TOEFL、Others
For over 30 years, I taught English (full-time)at Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin in Tokyo(until March 2014: retired) and am now teaching five classes in Yokohama at Toyo Eiwa University(2017-2018).

I taught various types of business and theme-based conversation classes in the Extension Program (Open College) at Waseda University: 2014-2016.

Additional universities taught at as a Part-time English Instructor in the past:
1)Content and skills'-based classes at: Hosei University (Sociology),
2)Tokyo Keizai University(Economics: English Instructor), and
3) Waseda University(Department of Law: English Instructor).

I also taught Business English classes at Sumitomo 3M, under contract, in the late 1970's.

M.A. (ESL) University of Hawaii; B.A. (Spanish and Psychology: two majors) a
Certified to teach Spanish at the secondary level in Penna. U.S.A.

Jr. Year Abroad at the University of Valencia, Spain
(I CAN SPEAK JAPANESE.) Let me help you improve your English-speaking skills by having conversations with me about business, daily activities, news topics, and other themes. Classes can be held in a coffee shop near Aobadai Station on the Denentoshi Line and near Tokaichiba Station on the Yokohama Line, or at my home which is located a short bus ride from those two train stations. For drivers, parking is available in front of my house for one car.
Students may also set up their own groups for conversation classes which can be taught at my home, or elsewhere.
24-hr cancellation policy in effect. (Students are asked to schedule classes for at least two hours for each month: two one-hour classes, or one two-hour one, please.) Please note that I teach older children from the ages of 12-19 only by using textbooks.

These are the set prices for speaking classes for students who arrange classes through this school only. *Prices might be different for other websites due to the different policies of each company.
New Schedule from August 2017:
Mondays and Tuesdays(7am-8pm): at an Aobadai/Tokaichiba area coffee shop, or at my

Wednesdays (until the end of September only: 7am-7pm)

Thursdays: 7-11am (my home, or Aobadai/Tokaichiba area coffee shops) and from 5-7pm(at my home only)

Saturdays & Sundays(7am-noon) Classes are only held at my house near Aobadai/Tokaichiba Stations on these
two days.

Please note that any editing work for business reports and academic papers is not charged at the rate of ¥3,000/hr. Please ask about this different rate. Only daily diaries are corrected at the rate of ¥3,000/hr. Pronunciation work is covered after diaries have been corrected by the instructor.

英会話 無料体験レッスン

 ※Aobadai Station(Denentoshi) and Tokaichiba Station) Yokohama lines 駅周辺のカフェで英会話レッスン

  • 英会話スクール【S1エスワン】は、スクールでは、学べないレッスンを初心者は基礎から、上級者は応用まで、安心して学ぶことが出来る英会話マンツーマンを提供するスクールです。
  • Aobadai Station(Denentoshi) and Tokaichiba Station) Yokohama lines 近くのカフェでの英会話マンツーマンになります。教室のように堅苦しい雰囲気がなく、実践と同じ環境で、楽しいと高評価のレッスン。
  • スクールで教材を販売することはありません。教材は生徒さんが希望するものか、先生と一緒にピッタリ合った教材をお選びいただけます。
  • レッスン料は、60分3000円。レッスンの長さは60分、90分。あなたにピッタリな長さで自由に決められます。
  • 先生と相性が合わないと感じたら、ピッタリの先生が見つかるまで、何度でも、無料体験レッスンでご紹介いたします。

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