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English Teacher Registration Form

◆Process of Lesson

1.We will register your profile once you complete the following registration form.
2.We will review your profile on our website approximately one week after the registration.
3.After then, we will introduce you to the potential student(s) if any student(s) nominate you, and/or your lesson schedule/location meet the student’s requirement

Please notice that the first lesson is a free trial one, therefore you will not be able to get paid for the first lesson.
The lesson fee from the second time is ¥3,000- /60minutes(Three thousand Japanese Yen/per hour). The student will pay you directly during the lesson, and you both decide for the next lesson from then on.
Not only our students will be able to access freely this website, but also you can up-date your profile any time if you like.

Potential students will be able to access freely to this webpage.
Aside from your qualifications,you can update your profile later on any time you like.

※We do not accept applicants with tourist visas.

※Please pay your own expences, such as drinks and foods at any lessons.

※Copied materials should be paid by students at the cost of 10yen per page.

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If you can't upload your photo, please send us an e-mail attach your photos. smaster@7match.biz

If you have any trouble, pls send the information you'd like to register on our homepage to us by email? We'll update your information by our side as soon as possible.
E-MAIL : smaster@7match.biz