s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) Matching System Teacher Agreement

Welcome to s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) matching system teacher user agreement,

1. Eligibility

Any native English speakers who reside in Japan with visas
which entitle you to work in Japan can register with us
at S1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD).

2. s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) Responsibilities

s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) staff members are only responsible for arranging the initial introductory trial lessons, at which they will be expected to facilitate teachers and students. s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) is not liable for any financial transactions between the student and his/her teacher, and thus can not be held responsible for any missed payments, cancellation charges, or other fees that the student and his/her teacher may have agreed.

3. Teacher's Responsibilities

Responsibilities of all teachers include punctuality and the provision of lesson materials based on the teacher's prior assessment of the student's expectations. Canceling lessons should only be considered when absolutely necessary. If the teacher cannot continue to teach due to unavoidable reasons, the teacher must let students and s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) know at least 1 month in advance.

4. Your Profile

Online teacher profiles must be completed accurately. Information found to be less than truthful will be deleted, and will result in a routine investigation of the teacher in question. It is imperative that we have your (mobile) phone number for smooth communication with you, but we will not disclose it to the student until they decide to take your lesson.

Uploading your photo is optional but we recommend your photo for our records. Please email your photo to us. We promise not to show your photo to anyone without your permission.

5. Teacher Fees

Teachers receive the lesson fee directly from students at the end of each lesson. To avoid any discomfort on the students' parts, do not negotiate your fees with the students.

The lesson fee is 3000 yen. You cannot negotiate with your student about the lesson fees.

Transportation fee WILL NOT be paid for lessons given at the teacher's selected teaching locations. When the lesson takes place at a cafe, teachers and students are required to pay for their own expenses including transportation, beverages, and food.

6. Trial lesson (60 minutes)

Trial lesson is for 60 minutes and is free of charge.

7. Cancellation

Teachers and students are required to cancel, if required, at least 24 hours before scheduled meeting time as per our policy. The teachers and students should maintain a respectful attitude towards each other when it comes to cancellations, and cancel reasonably ahead of time.

8. Process of Termination

At least one month notice period. Since most of our students want to study for at least a few months, please delete your record from the database at least one month before you stop teaching or leave Japan.

Under any circumstances, if teachers are no longer able to continue teaching a student, please notify us and your student immediately, providing at least one month notice period. Please do not privately introduce your student to another teacher who is not registered with s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD). If you know somebody who is able to take over your students lessons, please have him/her register with s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD). We would like you to then inform us and your students of the new teacher full name.

This is important and necessary because we sign a contract with the students for a predetermined period of time, which makes us liable to provide the student with certain services. We need to make sure that the new teacher agrees to our policies and is registered with us.

9. Prohibited Activities

We, s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD), prohibit the soliciting of potential or current s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) students on an individual basis by any registered teacher of s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD).

Teachers who own their school may use their own space, but under any circumstances should not use s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) as an agency for their own business. Even in teaching the s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) students in their own school, we still expect that all of the rules and regulations of s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) be strictly adhered to.

Please do not ask your students to pay upfront for a block of lessons. They will pay at the end of each individual lesson. If we receive complains from students and after investigating the matter find the teacher in the wrong, the teacher's registration will be cancelled.

10. Selection Process of Teachers

How do you get chosen as a teacher? Our students will look at the profiles of the English teachers in our database. Then, a coordinator will contact you about the trial lesson. However, existing students are allowed to contact teachers directly. If they email you, please kindly reply, even if you are unavailable.

11. Use at Your Own Risk

Registering with s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) and displaying information on our website must be conducted at your own risk.

12. Changes to this Agreement

The right to make any alterations to this agreement remains on s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) provided any such changes are proceeded by notification to all teachers by email. By registering with s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD), it is assumed that you are in accordance with all the terms of this agreement.

13. Period of Agreement

This agreement is valid from when we approve your registration and activate your password, until you request to have your profile removed from the s1(Dot-Com Business.,CO.LTD) website. Likewise, s1 is committing to this agreement, the moment we activate your password.

14. Governing Law

The laws of Japan shall govern this agreement in all respects. It is further understood that irrevocable consent is given by the parties to the non-exclusive personal jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.