The Procedure of Teachers registration

If the teachers are unable to continue their lessons because of returing to home country, moving, jobs, or other reasons,
please comply with the procedures given below.

[check]Please notify your student(s) that you are unable to continue the lessons stating
the reason for discontinuance.

[check]Please request your students to find new teachers from s1Private English
Lessons home page.

Teachers' information change form

URL: http://support.7match.biz/


The teachers' registration will be cancelled from our database
after the teacher has notified the student.

However it takes three to four weeks to delete the information from our homepage in the Yahoo Google engine.

We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

[check]The teachers' registration will not be cancelled if the teachers have existing

Resolving issues with the students.

   Registration cancellation of the student.

[check]A request of student's cancellation comes from the s1Private English 
Lessons, however the student informs to continue the lessons in

[check]Frequent bothersome mails from the students.

[check]The student makes too many bothersome/unnecessary/rude calls.

[check]Please clarify your expectations to the students.

Most students have no serious intentions to bother the teachers. Clear
communication at the initial stage is recommended.

After clarifying your expectations to the students, if you decide to start taking lessons, please contact s1Private English lessons providing the following information:

If there are any mail/message from the student please attach the same to your mail.

Cases of notification to your existing students registered with
s1Private English Lessons

[check]s1Private English Lessons will proceed with 'Change of teacher' request.

Please notify the student stating the reason for your discontinuance (busy with job or education etc.)
and ensure them that s1Private English Lessons will find new teachers for them.

[check]Please e-mail the following URL to the student.

Change of teacher form

[check]Please contact s1Private English Lessons, providing the following information:-

If you have any message/mail from the student please attach the same to your mail.

We make all the necessary arrangements without bothering you. If any issues
require legal actions, we consult lawyers and take necessary actions.

S1Private English Lessons will immediately cancel teachers' registration
under the following circumstances:''

If the registration is cancelled by s1Private
English Lesson, re-registration is not

[check]The phone number provided during registration is not in use.
[check]If there is an error in the computer or mobile e-mail address, and we are unable
to send mail.
[check]No notification after introducing trial lesson.
[check]No response to queries made from s1Private English Lessons, after introducing
trial lesson.
[check]No contacts after introducing trial lesson, and the registraion is also cancelled.
[check]Not turning up on the trial lesson date, and not informing the student about it on
the trial lesson date.
[check]Entering into any private dealings with the students:


[check]Persuade students to enter into private dealings at the side.
[check]The number of registered students goes down at a tremendously high rate.
[check]The teacher causes any kind of damage to the students or s1Private English
[check]Any suspicious or unprofessional attitude is detected by s1Private English Lessons.

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