How to continue lessons


   To continue lessons, there is a required registration fee of 9800yen plus a 3000yen monthly membership fee. Lesson fee is 3000yen per hour.

   Payments should be deposited into our bank account: the registration fee plus two monthly fees.

  Thereafter monthly fees will be taken from student's bank account.

  We will then inform teachers if students intend to continue taking lessons.

  Then the teachers will contact the students about next lesson.

  After completion of these procedures, students can start taking lessons.

  Payments can also be made by credit card.

English lessons

0ne on one lesson payment example

  For example, you take 60minute lesson (3000 yen)once a week, (×4 times) it comes out to 12000 yen per month plus 3000 fee totals 15000yen a month.

  All members are require to pay the 3000 yen monthly fee whether or not you are currently taking lessons.

If you need to change Teacher

  Please contact us by filling out the appropriate form on our website.

  We can provide you a new teacher within 7days.

  First trial lesson with a new teacher is free.(No lesson fee required.)

[check]Those requirements pertain only to those who are already registered with us.



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